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Genealogy Records For The Family Of

Godfrey Holliday of Leslie County Kentucky

Children of Godfrey and Emily Begley Holliday and his brother Basil

Left to Right: Fannie, Monroe, Basil (Brother), Kathryn,Sidney,Mahala, Elmer

Gofrey and family

Left to Right: Kathryn, Louis, Grandmother Emily, Sidney, Grandfather Godfrey, Haley, Fannie

Big Hiram Begley & Godfrey Holliday

Big Hiram Begley and Godfrey Holiday

Godfrey(5) was born in Perry County, Kentucky, March, 1878, and died March 10, 1946 in Mill Branch, Leslie County Kentucky. He is buried beneath a serviceberry tree on the family homeplace. He married EmilyBegley, daughter of Felix Begley and Fannie Martin in 1900. They met while Godfrey was working in Leslie county. They lived in Perry County when the first child was born, but moved to Leslie County and lived with her parents, after the baby died. Emily died July 22, 1927, and is buried in the Felix Begley graveyard in Hyden Ky.

His father was Lewis(4), son of Tolbert(3), son of John H. D.(2), son of William(1). He was raised on the Holliday homeplace in Perry County, Kentucky.

His children were:

i. Monroe(6), born July 29, 1902, died ?. He married (1) Cory Jones (2) ?

ii. Marcus(6), born July 25, 1904, died August 11, 1904. He is buried in the Holliday Cemetery at Ary Kentucky

iii. Fannie(6), born November 29, 1906, died March 20, 1992. She married (1) Dewey Begley , (2)Roy Hart, (3) Walter Batson, June 18, 1970. She is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Hamilton, Ohio

iv. Sidney(6), born April 4, 1909, Dryhill,Leslie Co. Ky., died August 7, 1968. He is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery, Hamilton, Ohio. He married (1) Lillian Gilbert, Daughter of ?.(2) ?

v. Lewis(6), born February 21, 1913, Leslie Co. Ky., died June 2, 1993. He is buried in the Millville Cemetery, Hamilton, Ohio. Married Myrtle Bowling, ?, daughter of Wilson Bowling and Isablle Bowling.

vi. Kathryn (Cathrine)(6), born May 13, 1915, records show in Estill Co. Ky. She lives in Piqua Ohio. She married Joe Walker, June 22, 1933, son of John J. Walker and Elvira Combs of Hazard Ky.

vii. Mahala(6), born October 2, 1918. She lives in Tennessee. Married John Wells ?.

viii. Elmer(6), born October 20, 1922. He lives in Seven Mile, Ohio. Married Elizabeth Ellen Howard, Aug. 25, 1944, in Leslie Co. Ky.


The children of, Monroe(6) and Cory Jones:

i. Marie(7) ?.

The children of, Sidney(6) and Lillian Gillbert:

i. Melba(7), born April 1932, Leslie County, Ky. died September 1932. Buried in the Begley-Wooten Cemetery. Grace Chapel, Dryhill Leslie Co. Ky.

ii. Felix(7), born ?

iii. Sheila(7), born March 19, 1950, Hamilton Ohio. Died, December 29, 1981, buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery. Hamilton, Ohio.


The children of, Lewis(6) and Myrtle Bowling:

i. Harold O.(7), born June 29, 193?. He lives in Hamilton Ohio. Married, Bonnie Reed, daughter of ?

ii. Roland(7) , born May 17, 193?. He lives in Ft. Meyers Fl.

iii. Mallie(7), born December 17, 1940. She lives in Fairfield, Ohio. Married Norbert Bippus, son of ?

iv. Lewis(7), born July 14, 1945, died January 16, 1988.

v. Marcus(7), born June 23, 1947, twin brother of Carlus

vi. Carlus(7), born June 23, 1947, twin brother of Marcus


The children of Kathryn(6) and Joe Walker:

i. Mary Frances(7), born November 26, 1933, died February 2, 1935. Buried Allais Ky.

ii Lewis Howard(7), born September 1, 1936, lives in Danville, Ky. Married Carol Tozzer, daughter of Philip and Mildred Tozzer, June 20, 1959, in Venice Oh.

iii. Lloyd Elbert(7), born December 26, 1938, lives in Cambridge City, In. Married Betty Judith Gabbard, daughter of Lawrence and Edna Lakes Gabbard.

iv. Linda Kaye(7), born April 10, 1948. She lives in Piqua, Ohio. Married John Bertke April 6,1974

v. Kathey Jo(7), born July 6, 1952. She lives in Manassas Va. Married Arthur Kevin Foskett, son of Arthur and Marilyn Foskett, March 30, 1974

vi. Diane Louise(7), born November 9, 1955. She lives in Fairfield, Ohio. Married Daniel Mikesell, son of Charles and Marjorie Weiss Mikesell.

Joe Walker, Kathryn, Lloyd and Louis Kathryn WalkerKathryn, Linda and Kathey

Joe, Kathryn , Lloyd and Louis ------Kathryn-----------------Linda Kaye, Kathryn, and Kathey Jo---


Children of Lewis H.(7) and Carol Tozzer:

i. Nancy Lynn(8), born June5,1962. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. She married Kenneth Mortensen ?

......a. Child of Nancy Lynn(8) and Ken Mortensen, ?

ii. Mark Lewis(8), born October 2, 1963. He lives in Danville Ky.


Children of Lloyd E.(7) and Betty Gabbard:

i. Douglas Robinson(8), born November 17, 1960. He lives in Cambridge City, In. Married (1) Trena Hinton, July 1980, (2) Pamela Jean Thompson, daughter of Roger and Nancy Duemler Thompson of Holland MI., July 9, 1987

.......a. Children of Douglas(8) and Trena Hinton,

............1. Nathan Lloyd, born August 27, 1983, in Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Portsmouth Va.

............2. Justin Taylor, born October13, 1986, in Kokomo In.

.......b. Children of Douglas(8) and Pamela Thompson:

............1. Rachel Niccole, born August 23, 1988, in New Orleans La.

............2. Ariel Elizabeth, born January 29, 1991, in Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Portsmouth Va.

ii. Lonnie Ray, born October 19, 1963. He lives in New Castle, IN. Married (1) Lois Marie Upchurch, daughter of Orville and Ina Upchurch of Lewisville, In., March 3, 1983. (2) Karen Cox Carter, daughter of Wendall Austin Cox and Rosalyn Dwiggins, of Winchester, In., December 31, 1996

......a. Child of Lonnie and Lois Upchurch:

............1. Bradley Scott(9), born March 10, 1986, in Alamagordo NM.

......b. Children of Lonnie(8) and Karen Cox Carter:

............1. Megan Niccole, born July 16, 1985, in New Castle, In.

............2. Ashley Marie, born Dec.8, 1986


Children of Linda Kaye and John Bertke:

......a. Brian Joseph, born May 1, 1966, in Hamilton, Oh.

......b. Tonya Francis, born November 23, 1964, in Hamilton, Oh.

......c. Andrea Lynn, born June 20, 1970, in Hamilton, Oh.

......d. John Frederick, born November 16, 1975, in Piqua, Oh.

......e. Michael Alan, born May 7, 1981, in Piqua, Oh.


Children of Kathey Jo and Arthur Kevin Foskett:

......a. Kevin Alexander, born December 1, 1988, in Manassas Va.

......b. Andrew Walker, born July 5, 1992, in Manassas Va.


Children of Diane Louise and Daniel Mikesell:

......a. Timothy Scott, born September 19, 1979, in Fairfield Oh.

......b. Steven Carl, born August 5, 1981, in Fairfield Oh.

......c. Carisa Lynn, born September 4, 1983, in Fairfield Oh.



Children of Mahala and John Wells:

i. Thomas Eldon, born March 5, 1938, died February 3, 1961.

ii. Emma Belle, born July 15, 1939. She lives in Elyria Ohio. Married to Rudy Moc, ?

......a. Children of Emma Belle and Rudy Moc,

iii. Thaddeus Sidney, born November 17, 1940, died July 21, 1968. Married Janie Vondershear ?

iv. Mildred Cathryn, born December 22, 1942. She lives in ?. Married Aaron Bateman, son of ?

v. John Godfrey, born August 23, 1944. He lives in Anderson In. Married Loren Hasty, daughter of ?.


Children of Elmer and Ellen:

i. Bill B.born November 4, 1943. Married Linda Sue Miller, born June 2, 1946, on Feb. 1, 1963

.....a. Children of Bill and Linda Sue Miller

...........1. Jeffery S. Born Sept. 20, 1966

..........2. Michelle Lynn, born Nov. 7, 1969. Married Mark Payne, on Dec. 6, 1996

...............A. Children of Michelle and Mark Payne

....................a1. Maggi

....................b1. Alex

ii. Donna M. Born Dec. 24, 1945

iii.Charles Edward, born Jan. 4, 1950. Married Linda Sue Streit, born March 10, 1949,on Oct,1985

.....a.Children of Charles and Linda Sue Streit

..........1.Clint Edward, born May 16, 1975, married Jeanette Kazy, Dec.1997

..........2.Carri Elizabeth, born Aug.11, 1977




The Ascendants of Godfrey Holliday

of Leslie County KY.


This information was copied from Mack Holliday.

Mack has a very detailed history of our family. Please feel free to contact him, with any questions.


Godfrey’s father was Lewis(4), son of Tolbert(3), son of John H. D.(2), son of William(1). He was raised on the Holliday homeplace in Perry County, Kentucky.

Lewis(4) Holliday was born December, 1853 in Perry Co. Ky., and died About 1938. He is buried in the Holliday Cemetery at Ary Ky. He married Mahala Collins, daughter of M. R. Collins and Nellie Collins, March 23, !877, in Perry Co. Ky. By W. G. Eversole.

Children of Lewis(4) and Mahala are:

i. Adam

ii. Godfrey, born March 1878, died March 10, 1946. Buried in Mill Branch, Leslie Co. Ky.

iii. Arthur, born October 29, 1880. Perry Co. Ky, moved to Arkansas

iv. Chester, born January 17, 1882, died August 2, 1929. Buried in Holliday Cemetery, Ary, Ky.

v. Shilo, born March 29, 1885, died November 26, 1938. Married Esther Hall, in Bunch, Oklahoma, on January 26,1928. Raised his family in Oklahoma. Killed in Perry Co.Ky.

vi. Basil, born December 3, 1887, died August 19, 1967. Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Hamilton Ohio

vii. Orlenia Holliday, born April 27, 1891, died June 6, 1931. Buried in Holliday Cemetery, Ary, Ky.

viii. Jessamine Holliday, born January 16, 1893, died December 18, 1970. Buried in Holliday Cemetery, Ary, Ky. Married William W. "Hop" Godsey, April 16, 1912, at home by S. B. Ritchie

ix. Tolbert B., born February 1, 1895, Perry Co. Ky., died October 5, 1967. Buried Holliday Cemetery, Ary, Ky. Married (1) Eva Everage, August 9, 1917, from Knott Co. Ky. (2)Myrtie (last name unknown),

Parents of Lewis (4):

......Tolbert(3) and Rachel Napier. Tolbert(3) was born February 18, 1821 in Floyd County, Ky. on Camp Puncheon Creek. He died June 29, 1895. He is buried in Holliday Cemetery, Ary, Ky. He married: (1)Rachel Napier about 1841, in Perry County Ky. She was the daughter of McCager Napier and Leanna Lewis. (2) Peggy Susan Combs October 19, 1892, in Perry County Ky., by Thomas Kelly.

Siblings of Lewis (4):

......1. John, born April 12, 1843, died April 12, 1893. Buried in Holliday Cemetery, Ary, Ky.

......2. Eliza "Mary" Holliday, born August 12, 1845, died April 23, 1891. Buried in Holliday Cemetery, Ary, Ky. Married Shade Smith, date unknown

......3. Elisha H., born February 15, 1847, died August 1, 1908. Buried in Holliday Cemetery, Ary, Ky.

......4. Elijah, twin brother of Elisha, born February 15, 1847, died April 16, 1908. Buried in Engle Cemetery, Trace Branch, Knott Co. Ky.

......5. Leander, born about 1849.

......6. Green Berry, born March 8, 1851, died March 5, 1922. Buried in Holliday Cemetery, Big Branch, Knott Co. Ky.

......7. Polly Holliday, born July 13, 1856, Died December 14, 1939. Buried in Holliday Cemetery, Ary, Ky.

......8. McCager "Mack", born April 2, 1862, died June 26, 1932. Buried in Holliday Cemetery, Ary, Ky. He was a preacher and there is some debate over his birth and death dates.

Parents of Tolbert(3):

......John H. D.(2) and Allie Justice. John H. D. was born about 1800 in probably Russell County Virginia, and died about 1878, in Perry County Ky. He married: (1) Allie "Alice" Justice, January 27, 1821, in Floyd County Ky., daughter of John Justice II and Amy Neal. (2) Catherine "Kathy" Tyree, about 1856 in Perry County Ky., believed to be daughter of Benjamin Tirany and Elizabeth Roederick.

Siblings of Tolbert(3):Children of John H. D. and Allie:

......1. William "Bill", born July 10, 1824, died November 20, 1886. Buried in Holliday Cemetery Ary, Ky.

......2. Polly Holliday, born about 1828, died about 1857 or 1858.

......3. Jemima, born February 14. 1830, in Virginia, died July 2, 1874. Buried in Holliday Cemetery Ary, Ky.

......4. Prudence "Prudy" Holliday, born about 1833, died after 1880. Buried in Holliday Cemetery Ary, Ky.

......5. Raney e., born about 1835, died March 16, 1854, from Typhoid. Buried Holliday Cemetery Ary, Ky.

......6. Greenville "Green",born about 1836, died October 10, 1863, Camp Dennison, Columbus, Ohio. Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery Cincinnati, Ohio. He was in the 14th Kentucky Cavalry

......7. Sally "Sarah" Holliday, born August 30, 1837, died June 21, 1902. Buried in Holliday Cemetery Ary, Ky.

......8. John, born about 1840, died April 19, 1853. Probably buried in unmarked grave in Holliday Cemetery Ary, Ky.

......9. Walter, born April 12, 1843, died June 20, 1932. Buried in Holliday Cemetery Ary, Ky.

............Children of John H. D. and Catherine Tyree

............1. Samuel L., born June 30, 1856, died November 8, 1923. Buried in Jones Cemetery

............2. Nancy Ann Holliday, born September 13, 1861, died January 26, 1946. Buried in Bolen Cemetery on Highway 80.

............3. Betty Holliday, born about 1858, no date of death. May have married a Carpenter (unknown first name)


Parents of John H. D.(2):

......William Holliday . He was born about 1770. He first came to Russell Co. Virginia in 1800 and was listed in tax rolls until 1816. He moved to Floyd County Ky. in 1816 and obtains a land grant on Carrs Fork of fifty acres. In 1822 he obtains two land grants on Puncheon Camp Creek of Right Beaver Creek, in Floyd County. In 1818, William appears before the court and requests help with his son, Robert, who is prone to wander from home, night and day. He receives help, in the sum of $70 a year. He gets this each year until 1823, when he no longer appears for the help. The court list him as over the age of fifty, and frail. By 1823, they are gone from Floyd County and appear on the Perry Count tax rolls. in 1821, John H. D. marries Allie Justice in Floyd County and William gives his permission for his son to marry. In 1822, a Benjamin Tiry gives William permission to sign his name, as if it were his own, to his son, Benjamin Jr.'s marriage consent form. According to a legend handed down for many years, the first Holliday, in our line, in America, according to Frances L. Holliday was supposed to be a Separatist Baptist preacher.


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